Bertamini Lab

The online Sustained Posterior Negativity (SPN) catalogue

We have been investigating perception of symmetry and regularity using an electrophysiological response (the Sustained Posterior Negativity, SPN). Until 2021, results have been disseminated in the traditional way, via published papers (reviewed in Bertamini, Silvanto, Norcia, Makin, & Wagemans, 2018 ). However, there are well-known limitations to this approach.

Here we report on the establishment of an open catalogue. We callected all SPNs from our lab, both published and unpublished (6674 SPNs from 2215 participants). The complete SPN catalogue is public, searchable and expandable with user-friendly data extraction and visualization tools.

For the visualisation app:

As an illustration of the usefulness of a large catalogue, we used it to conduct a meta-scientific case study on our data, inspired by the campaign for reproducible science (Bishop, 2019; Munafò et al., 2017). A paper on this analysis is forthcoming.

We also used the catalogue to discover new facts about symmetry perception which could never be determined from a single experiment, and we wrote a separate paper on that.

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